First, We Define Value for You

More than ever, your success depends on a deployment strategy that streamlines processes, increases efficiencies and reduces operating costs.

After a thorough review of your operations and processes, we’ll define your system requirements and identify the WMS, LMS or TMS solution(s) that best meets your business objectives, overall IT architecture strategy and total cost of ownership hurdles.

We are software vendor-agnostic and base our recommendations on solutions that best fit your core requirements and cost constraints.

Then, We Apply Our Stratagem for Success

We’ll develop a deployment strategy and roadmap that considers benefits, resources, costs, timing and risks. We can also assist in the vendor negotiations and review proposals and contracts.

Longbow’s Strategy Services include:

  • WMS/LMS/TMS strategy and roadmap
  • WMS/LMS/TMS assessment
  • WMS/LMS/TMS selection and negotiation support
  • WMS/LMS/TMS implementation

We’ve Walked Many Miles in Your Shoes

We know the strategy is so important because we’ve been in your position, knowing that the supply chain execution systems we have is not optimized or giving us what we need to make critical decisions and efficiently manage operations.

Far-Reaching Future State Vision

The overall solution we provide sets the foundation you need to not just be ready for tomorrow, but for five and even 10 years from now.

Reducing Costs Isn’t Everything

Addressing stringent industry regulations or differentiating your brand with industry-best services can be as important as cutting costs. We’ll can roll those goals into your strategy.

Align Your Data Strategy

What’s more important, a defense data strategy focused on security and industry compliance needs or an offensive approach emphasizing data analysis and modeling? We’ll align your data strategy accordingly and establish a balanced attack.

Longbow Advantage Services

Longbow combines operational experience, technical skill, and system knowledge to help companies get maximum ROI from their Supply Chain Execution software.

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