Trailblazing Data Services Solution

Frustrated by unreliable, confusing and error-filled manual reporting? Lost in a sea of data your supply chain execution system has amassed? Difficult to access historical data and does it slow your WMS? Is your LMS too cumbersome to maintain?

Longbow took those long-standing problems head-on, determined to bring to market a rapidly deployed, flexible and easy-to-use solution for driving improvement and solving problems in your distribution operations.

Rebus is the result. Rebus is a cloud-based SaaS solution that pulls data from any supply chain execution system, harmonizes it and delivers analytics, labor management, archiving, inventory visibility, alerting and control tower services in real time.

Rebus Analytics

As supply chain professionals, we know what type of visibility is essential. As a service provider, we’ve developed thousands of ad-hoc reports. Rebus melds decades of supply chain execution system experience with big data processing into an all-in-one solution.

Get all the information you need through one dashboard. Rebus features include:

  • 75 industry essential widgets that offer an immediate pulse on your operations
  • Flexible dashboards with drag and drop functionality that automatically update with real-time information
  • Intuitive widget builder, so anyone can build analytics
  • Easy collaboration with Skype™ and Office 365 integration
  • Mobile alerting system to notify you of problems the moment they occur
  • Simple set-up allowing you to get up and running in weeks

Rebus Labor

The costs of your workforce constitute a significant portion of operating expenses. You could directly improve the bottom line by optimizing performance and utilization. To make that happen, most companies seek traditional labor management systems that use Engineered Labor Standards to gauge productivity. They soon find that they are complicated to implement, time-consuming to maintain and inflexible.

The data you need to optimize workforce productivity and drive out costs is in your WMS system. You just need a better way to access, visualize and act on it. That’s Rebus Labor, a cloud-based labor management system that uses transactional data gathered from your WMS to measure workforce utilization, then provides actionable information in standard and custom reports.

A SaaS solution that integrates with your supply chain management system, Rebus is flexible and easily maintained – you don’t need an industrial engineer on staff.

Work smarter – genius-level smarter – with Rebus.

At Longbow, we say “Labor made simple” to describe Rebus Labor. Here’s why:

  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Increases labor accuracy, while reducing administrative workload
  • Provides instant access to years of detailed productivity data
  • Measures productivity based on reasonable expectancy
  • Improves performance by offering collaboration tools that enable you to analyze productivity and take action in real-time

In about 90 minutes, we can show you how to derive a wealth of knowledge from your supply chain and labor management systems that will help you run your business better.

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