Rebus© Real-Time Warehouse Visibility Platform

Rebus© is a unified platform that provides real-time visibility into the warehouse for distribution teams who need access to make point-in-time decisions about their warehouse operations, labor management, and inventory.

Unlike other visibility solutions that focus on more readily available data from trucks and rail, The Rebus Platform focuses on the heart of the supply chain – the warehouse. By connecting disparate systems across the distribution network, logistics professionals have unparalleled access to view and manage their warehouse like never before.

“Having Rebus during a WMS Go-Live is like night and day compared to before we used Rebus. Using Rebus made it very easy to determine warehouse productivity by the hour, shift, in real-time, and immediately identify any productivity dips when we started using the new WMS version. I will never go live on WMS without Rebus again.”

Senior Director of Supply Chain for Global Consumer Packaging Manufacturer

Your data is not a commodity. It is a highly valuable asset specific to your business. Enterprise BI Solutions do not understand your objectives and processes, so your project stalls. Legacy Supply Chain Software Solutions manage data with legacy technology, so reports are static and slow. These approaches lead to the same result; an overburdened supply chain management solution that forces you to generate reports manually and make decisions on yesterday's data.

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Empowering You to Create Previously Unimagined Value Streams from Your WMS Data

  • Instant visibility into what’s going on in your distribution network and workforce
  • System-agnostic integration to any warehouse, labor and transportation management software
  • Eliminate manual efforts of analyzing distribution data through multiple, rogue spreadsheet

Better Utilize Workforce, Improve Data Accuracy, and Eliminate Reporting Issues

Having high demand and tight timelines for shipping the right parts from the right distribution center put a lot of pressure on Subaru's warehouse management and labor management systems. View our case study to learn how Rebus helped optimize warehouse operations for Subaru to improve your operations!

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