Visibility Begins In the Warehouse
Your Data Should Be Real-time, Unified, and Easy to Consume

  • Get more shipments out the door, faster.
  • Ship the right products to the right customers at the right time.
  • Avoid costly carrier and customer fees from late or inaccurate shipments.
  • Monitor and set alerts for warehouse space, production lines, and catastrophic system errors.

“Rebus provides total visibility into any problem areas of the warehouse and allowed us to assess how well we were using all of the functionality that our WMS offered.”

- Senior Director of Supply Chain for Global Consumer Packaging Manufacturer

The features and functionality we’ve built into Rebus are included for one reason: to drive more ROI from your supply chain execution system investment.

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For a leading global food manufacturer, Rebus Warehouse Visibility provides visibility to opportunities, risks, performance metrics, and simplified views across a varied landscape of DCs and technologies, including providing their 3PLs with access to a 360⁰ view of customer requests and reporting processes. With Rebus' real-time warehouse visibility, executives are able to pinpoint problem areas and to compare and address lagging DCs across the network.

The only solution that gives visibility into the activities in the warehouse as they happen, across DCs and WMS solutions.
The ability to pro-actively track, monitor, and optimize shipments, equipment, and processes.

Rebus Warehouse Visibility solved massive gaps in and obstacles to reporting with real-time visibility to customer orders on demand for a global food packaging distributor, allowing them to focus on exception handling and increasing productivity. When implementing a new WMS to 50 sites, they could immediately monitor and correct issues in the warehouse in real-time and eliminated a reduction in productivity when moving to the new system. 

Multiple Data Sources and Supply Chain Execution Systems?

Rebus, built by Longbow, is a robust supply chain data management software that provides customers with an unforgettable experience that changes the landscape of how supply chain operations are run. Rebus provides customers with a deep layer of insight and real-time warehouse visibility into the most complex distribution networks.

Rebus connects to any supply chain execution system unites all WMS, LMS, and TMS data into a single platform.

Rebus is a hosted SaaS solution that virtually sits on top of your existing supply chain execution software. Everyone accesses the same data set, while Rebus provides the flexibility to create custom dashboards with metrics that are important to YOU.

Warehouse Insights Within Seconds

Providing a library of views derived from thousands of ad hoc report requests, giving you drag-and-drop customization and reporting critical to your role and KPIs.

  • Spot performance issues and make decisions based on real-time data

  • Filter data to deliver executive-to-floor level information

  • Inform and motivate teams by displaying KPI metrics on monitors throughout your warehouse

real-time supply chain insights with rebus data services

Real-Time Distribution Data

A series of industry-standard KPIs, live operations views, productivity metrics, inventory visibility, and shipment visibility views that help you more efficiently run your distribution operations. Go to one place to see all your warehouse data regardless of what WMS you are running.

Rebus Data Services, Supply Chain Execution System

3PL Data Visualization

A set of tailor-made views for third party logistics providers featuring drill down and data views at the client level. Leverage our data isolation feature to give your clients real-time inventory and shipment visibility for their products by creating a client portal.

 3pl data visualization dashboard

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