You Do Know What You Don’t Know

Every year, every quarter, every day, someone in the enterprise wants to find an answer to critical operational performance questions. That’s the point of implementing business intelligence systems – to fill in gaps in your knowledge. If you knew, you wouldn’t ask.

But searching through multiple joined databases and trying to compare past and current production data is difficult, sometimes impossible. Then there’s the worst-case scenario – system lockup caused when you ask for more information than your WMS can process.

Rebus Archiving solves for that, establishing a single location for accessing, analyzing and reporting data essential to making well-informed, accurate decisions. It’s also cost-effect, since you can scale horizontally by adding servers instead of increasing computing power.

Our Database is Built for Speed & Visibility

Archiving data is essential, so why not house it in a database leveraging NoSQL technology, which has been used for over a decade by companies like Google and Facebook to process large amounts of data?

Rebus Archiving replaces your secondary database with a platform that is purpose-built for high-performance processing and reporting.

  • Forecast with much greater accuracy
  • Reduce cost of infrastructure to support WMS/LMS/TMS and reporting activities
  • Minimize internal resources dedicated to database operations
Cost effective data storage for wms

RedPrairie WMS Optimization Case Study: Accuristix

Find out how Longbow helped a leading North American 3PL dramatically improve system performance – enabling the company to host 5 times the number of clients on its RedPrairie (now part of BlueYonder) WMS.

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