Actually, We’re Also a Software Company

We’re proud of our warehouse operations expertise, but the fact is Longbow is a software company with a data services platform that collects and analyzes supply chain data. Which means that caring about user experience, systems integration, CPU usage and the cloud are as much a part of our DNA as supply chain technology deployment services.

Rebus Control Tower lets you invest in resources that are essential to operations. It’s another way that we help extract more value from your supply chain execution systems. We provide the expertise, you focus on what you do best – keeping your customers happy.

System Downtime is Not an Option

As warehouse people, we understand the frustration that builds when the tools you’ve been given slow you down or a system shuts down. Rebus Control Tower establishes infrastructure transparency, so we can proactively counter issues that hinder performance or catastrophic downtime.

Rebus Control Tower allows us to tune software and databases. Our experts have “big picture” visibility as well as granular system management. Of course, we keep you informed every step of the way through shared dashboards and threshold-triggered alerts. Working together, we can quickly take action to determine what's wrong and remedy the problem.

  • 24/7 monitoring by Longbow technicians
  • Trend analysis to understand impact of applications on system performance
  • Database tuning to maintain rapid data collection, archiving and reporting
  • Send alerts and messages via Skype™ and Microsoft Office®
Supply Chain Data Analytics dashboard

Keep Your Operations Moving and Your Customers Happy

In addition to making sure that your hardware and applications are running optimally, we have developed a key set of metrics that allow Rebus Control Tower to monitor the performance of your workforce and the status of your operations. Whether you are falling behind on picking that will cause a trailer to leave late or if an employee’s productivity has plummeted, we will be there to alert you of potential problems that can cause significant cost issues to your business.

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Is your WMS Doing More Harm than Good?

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