Sun Products Look to Longbow for Data Migration

Sun Products is based in Wilton, CT. They are a leading provider of laundry and dish detergents, fabric softeners, and other household care products. Sun Products was using an outside provider to host the JDA WMS systems for 5 of its U.S. distribution centers.

When Sun Products had an opportunity to reduce its hosting costs by moving to a different provider, they decided to make the switch. This meant that the data in the old hosting environment needed to be migrated into the new hosting environment.

To mitigate the risk inherent in data migration, Longbow took a “like for like” approach to the JDAA WMS installations. Longbow completed the project in just over 4 months, which was ahead of schedule, and they also came in under budget.

"The Longbow team worked hand in hand with the Sun Products team to ensure we delivered on time. It is clear Longbow takes pride in their work and truly understands the JDA WMS System."

– Michael Auslander, Chief Information Officer, Sun Products Corporation