Rebus® Labor Planning

Platform-agnostic Labor Planning for Today and the Future.

Rebus® Labor Planning gives you the ability to predict your future labor needs, as well as real-time insight into progress against your planned labor. With agnostic Labor Planning, you can read historical data from Rebus Intelligent Labor or any other LMS so you can forecast your staffing goals effectively. The future of the warehouse is real-time. Quit relying on spreadsheets and a hunch.

"We have the data we need to make proactive planning decisions based on insights we wouldn’t have had without Rebus. It’s unbelievable.”

- Director of Client Solutions

About Rebus® Labor Planning

The Labor Planning module for Rebus gives you the ability to accurately forecast your future labor needs and to see the progress made against your planned work in real-time. This gives you the critical edge needed to adjust your staffing schedule, avoiding wasted time and money.

You can’t wait days or weeks to get visibility into how your labor planning affects your productivity. And all the data in the world is worthless unless you understand it. Because Labor Planning is part of the Rebus system, you can always customize your widgets, so the data is always easy-to-read. Less guessing, more work getting done.

Keep historical data easily accessible. Most solutions only give you 1 or 2 months of data before archiving it. Then it’s barely usable. Labor Planning not only stores your data longer, it also keeps it accessible so you can identify previous patterns and reliably forecast your future labor demands and costs.

Easily Connect to Rebus or Any LMS

Easy-to-read, Customizable Widgets

Predict Future Labor Needs Based on past Performance

With Rebus, You Can...

Create real-time visibility operations and avoid 10-30% increased labor costs and disrupted shipments during WMS go live.

Savings of $100k+ by easily implementing Intelligent Labor at multiple sites at once and realizing benefits immediately.

Improve cost to service customers by 15 – 20% through better labor optimizations.

Real-time inventory status accuracy in the WMS significantly decreases risk and increases productivity across the warehouse.

Intelligent Labor means no complex projects due to outdated setups, making it 90% more cost-effective than the other labor technologies that haven’t changed in decades.

Accomplish visibility goals in weeks as compared to months or years with current solutions that aren’t purpose-built for the warehouse.

Rebus enables customers to transform their warehouse effectiveness with real-time visibility into operations that previously were only available when it was too late to take action (hours later or the next day).

Reduce, or eliminate 25%-100% of overtime in the warehouse with real-time visibility into costs as they happen.

Get Visibility into Your Supply Chain​

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