Kraft Heinz Rebus Implementation

Kraft Heinz Implements Rebus Intelligent Labor and Rebus Warehouse Visibility

Kraft Heinz was looking for a replacement software for their Labor Management System as it had an expiring license and engineered standards. Having had a few key users at each site – with many having already retired, the LMS use had dropped off. It became too time consuming to manage and wasn’t adequately maintained. This would cause problems with an inability to see invaluable data at the HQ level; the data wasn’t readily available, it was site specific and didn’t tie into the rest of the network, and the data wasn’t always accurate.

The solution would need to provide data to view opportunities and risks, performance metrics, and simplified visibility across a varied landscape of warehouses ran with various providers and different technologies. They would need to equip themselves with the right tools that enable continuous improvement throughout their operations. 

« Rebus offers a lot more than the standard LMS on the market; it drives additional warehouse opportunities beyond measurements against engineered standards. You can compare warehouses and networks against each other, gain deep-dive views into inventory, and see in real-time how your network is performing »

– Erin Mitchell, Head of North American Warehousing, Kraft Heinz

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