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Understanding Supply Chain Technology Solutions

When it comes to warehouses, a warehouse management system or supply chain execution system can be incredibly complicated. For a warehouse that is larger than 1 million square feet, the rules around how the product gets in, quarantined, put away, processed, where value-added services are applied; along with adding the complexity of data management for impressionable products, and automation – it can become convoluted if you do not fully comprehend the inner workings of how the warehouse operates. From an outside perspective, all it takes is a simple software to manage supply chain operations, but to a technical and functional expert, a warehouse management system is a world of its own.

Blue Yonder Accreditation Program

For Blue Yonder (previously JDA) to maintain a certain standard of efficient and effective partners, they developed an accreditation program. The program enables Blue Yonders partners with the tools and knowledge necessary to implement their technologies for customers. Individuals who want to enroll in the program and become certified are required to take an exam. The exam not only tests their level of background knowledge of technical and functional aspects of Blue Yonders warehouse management system but also requires the individual to have done at least two implementations of the newer version in their resume.

Becoming an Accredited Implementation Partner

Becoming a Blue Yonder accredited implementation partner requires an individual to provide information regarding their implementation experiences with Blue Yonders warehouse management systems.

To become certified, an individual must submit the following:

  • How many systems have they implemented? 
  • What customers have they done implementations for? 
  • What role did they take during the implementation process? 
  • What organization did they work for during the implementation process? 

Once Blue Yonder reviews and approves the information provided by the individual, they can move forward and take the required exam. To receive the certification and become a Blue Yonder Partner, an individual must score 80% or higher.

A Proud Blue Yonder Partner

Longbow has a reputation for hiring the right people and redefining what it means to be customer-centric. Being that the majority of Longbows employees have many years of experience running supply chain operations, it is part of the company culture to hire and mentor individuals to provide excellent service to customers. Obtaining the certifications and becoming a Blue Yonder Partner reassures that Longbows consultants are highly capable supply chain and IT professionals and continue to provide customers with expert knowledge of supply chain technologies.


RedPrairie (now Blue Yonder) WMS Optimization Case Study: Accuristix

Find out how Longbow helped a leading North American 3PL dramatically improve system performance – enabling the company to host 5 times the number of clients on its RedPrairie (now part of Blue Yonder) WMS.


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