About Longbow Advantage

Longbow Advantage was founded to deliver the best customer experience possible. That’s our “why,” the inspiration behind everything we do.

Longbow as Your Distribution and Logistics Implementation Partner

You have invested millions in your technology. It needs to run your business as intended, be adaptable and drive revenue growth. Your technology partner should provide not only solid warehouse, labor and transportation management implementation and integration skills, but an unprecedented level of supply chain operations experience and expertise.

Our track record of success across supply chain execution systems for a variety of manufacturing, retail, logistics and distribution customers includes hundreds of projects completed on-time and on-budget, and a crowd of raving fans in the supply chain space.

Warehouse Solutions Built Just for You

Recognizing that there was no software solution specifically designed to provide distribution and supply chain execution insights, we created our own data services platform, adding even deeper visibility into the real-time workings of the most complex distribution networks, including the supporting infrastructure and data flowing across it.

Rebus is the only solution that provides complete visibility, analysis and real-time WMS, LMS and TMS performance reporting. We put all our supply chain knowledge into a new SaaS solution featuring Labor Management, infrastructure monitoring, built-in collaboration and alerting, and the latest database technology. Developed by supply chain experts, it offers a new level of business intelligence and value.

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Experience the Longbow Difference

When it comes to leveraging supply chain technology to run your distribution network, there is no room for error. You need to understand the technology you are implementing while also having an in-depth knowledge of distribution and its nuances.

That starts and ends with your supply chain technology consultant. Our Consulting Services and Data Services are designed to provide you with all the guidance, support and tools you need.

Supply chain execution technology in any industry helps to optimize processes, improve productivity, and provide a greater distribution network visibility. Longbow makes it happen.

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