On-Demand Customer Support

Our customer support team is available 24/7 to efficiently resolve issues and restore operations promptly

Go-Live is Just the Start

Your business needs change. The insight we’ve developed during assessment and implementation enables us to effectively support your solution, without negatively impacting operations or other functionality.

We’ll meet with you once a month or as determined to review KPIs, open cases and SLAs, and discuss opportunities for improvement as well as success to map out best practices specific to your solution.

Despite every precaution, systems sometimes fail or under-perform. Our support center is staffed with people who not only know the software in and out, but understand the impact to productivity, revenue and reputation downtime can cause.

Our promise – we’ll rapidly get you up and running fast so you can keep your promises to your customers.

We’ll Fill in The Resource Gaps

As an extension of your team, we’ll get involved to any level that works. That includes assessment, planning, application development or strategic advice. From new reporting capabilities and software upgrades to special projects and complex new system integrations, you’ll find “no” isn’t part of our vocabulary.


Our Philosophy is Simple:

We “teach you to fish” and we’re ready, willing and able to help in any way. Just call or email. We’re here for you. Longbow technical support includes:

  • Email and on-call access
  • Committed response times based on severity
  • Case management and tracking, through resolution
  • SLAs based on severity levels
  • Regular case review meetings
  • Mutually agreed upon case closure
  • 24/7/365 call center response

Customized Training in the Classroom and on the Floor​

End-User Training

Integration Training

Operational Training

End-User Training

We train supervisors, management, operations, all the users on the floor, using your equipment and data. On-site classroom instruction and training hosted in our facilities is also available. In addition to training during the project, refresher courses, new-hire training and getting your team up-to-speed on any modifications are always available – it’s key to bigger, faster ROI.

Integration Training

Beyond simple end user training, we offer integration training, where users learn the dynamics of sending information from your WMS to your host system and receiving information back. It is a comprehensive training of the system as it pertains to your solution that will give you the knowledge needed to maximize your ROI.

Operational Training

And finally, there’s operational training. During operational training, we cover the day-to-day warehouse activities that your operators on the floor will execute, including receiving, put-away, and RF gun operations. Once your warehouse team is fully trained, you’ll experience the full difference of an optimized warehouse.