Top Ten Educational Seminars at MODEX 2020


Thought Leader, Alex Wakefield, is Rated in the Top Ten for Presentation at MODEX 

While at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, GA, CEO of Longbow Advantage, presented on « Navigating Data with Disruptive Technologies to Analyze, Cleanse, and Fix the Way Your Company Consumes Data. »  Alex Wakefield, CEO, took the stage on Day 1 to teach attendees:  

  • To interact with data more pragmatically 
  • To successfully approach cleaning data 
  • Gain insight on how your supply chain data can be reviewed and analyzed in real-time 
  • Discover ways to create multiple value streams, quickly, from your supply chain data 

His presentation was thought provoking, provided an abundance of information and sparked ideas to his audience. Wakefield’s charisma and passion for supply chain data and technologies along with his vast knowledge earned him (and Longbow) a spot in MHI’s Top Ten Educational Seminars!  

Alex's Presentation« The energy at MHI conferences make presenting a lot of fun. Attendees are always eager to learn and take something away from these speaking sessions. It’s important to me to share the strategies and technologies that work best in distribution networks based on our experience, and I am thrilled that this year my topic was able to hit home with attendees and provide them insight. Thank you MHI for this recognition. »

– Alex Wakefield, CEO, Longbow Advantage

Longbow will be returning to MODEX 2022, for its fourth year. Learn more about our attendance this year, Data Services Demoed at Supply Chain Conference.


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