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Streamlined Labor Solutions for Large Distribution Networks

Written by Travis Hinkle

On May 16, 2024


In this webinar, Chelsea Brady is joined by Andy Hunter from Connors Group, LLC, as they delve into the critical topic of labor management solutions tailored for large and diverse distribution networks. Join Chelsea and Andy on Thursday, May 23 at 12:00pm ET as they focus on how organizations, including those with 3PL networks, can swiftly maximize their facility networks through cutting-edge analytics and engineering methodologies.
Key Points to be Addressed:

  • Labor remains a significant disruptor in the supply chain landscape. Discover essential strategies for optimizing labor through advanced solutions.
  • Uncover the hidden uniformity within seemingly diverse distribution sites. Learn to harness commonalities and standardized data to foster a more holistic network approach.
  • Explore the advantages of implementing bottom-up engineered labor standards without incurring exorbitant costs, leveraging tools like LaborPro.
  • Seamlessly integrate disparate Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) onto a unified platform such as Rebus, enabling streamlined communication across key operational systems.
  • “Level the playing field” by implementing benchmarking techniques to gauge site performance, enabling informed resource allocation and strategic focus.
  • Discover scalable solutions capable of evolving alongside shifting business requirements, all while maintaining ease of maintenance and adaptability


Chelsea Brady
Director of Strategic Partnerships
Longbow Advantage

Andy Hunter
Sr Director | Supply Chain Offering Lead
Connors Group

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