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The Rise of AI and ML in Supply Chain Optimization

Written by Travis Hinkle

On May 21, 2024


Longbow Advantage’s COO, Ryan Uhlenkamp, and Guy Courtin, VP of Industry and Global Alliances at Tecsys, Inc., discuss The Rise of AI and Machine Learning in Supply Chain Optimization.

Do Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning live up to the hype?

The pressure is on for these technologies to begin reshaping traditional supply chain processes. 2023 brought us an AI revolution and we expect that pressure to continue in 2024. The abilities of these technologies to analyze vast amounts of data, identify patterns, and make decisions is revolutionizing how companies are thinking about their decision-making capabilities.

The question is, how should you think about these technologies? Dip your toes tentatively in the tech-waters or take a cannonball off the high-dive? Watch now to find out what Ryan and Guy have to say about our current cultural fascination with AI and ML.


Ryan Uhlenkamp
Chief Operating Officer
Longbow Advantage

Guy Courtin
VP of Industry and Global Alliances
Tecsys, Inc.

Webinar Replay

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