Executive Leaders in Supply Chain Management

Gerry Brady

Founder & CEO

About Gerry

Gerry Brady founded Longbow Advantage in 2002 and led the company as CEO until 2018, when he stepped into the role of Chief Innovator. Today, he focuses on the continued development, growth, and innovation of The Rebus® Platform.

Prior to founding Longbow, Gerry had spent 11 years developing a deep understanding of RedPrairie products and managing complex logistics and technology projects while holding several senior management positions in transportation and warehousing.

With 25+ years of experience in logistics, systems development, and implementation, he leveraged his technical knowledge and operational experience in warehouse and transportation management to identify a gap in the industry, which created the foundation of Rebus. His deep knowledge and passion for optimizing the supply chain has built Rebus into the revolutionary supply chain analytics software it is today.


Shawn McLeese

VP Consulting Services

Leigh Chesley

Chief Customer Officer

About Leigh

Leigh Chesley is a veteran B2B marketing leader who thrives when working with sales teams to meet shared revenue goals. She is passionate about data-driven marketing and believes in using a test, measure, optimize approach to build meaningful pipeline.

She has successfully built and grown marketing teams at growth-stage companies throughout her career and most recently led the pipeline marketing team at Manhattan Associates, where she rebuilt the team and processes from the ground up while redefining the buyer’s journey and creating seamless alignment with sales, ultimately leading to a 10X ROI in pipeline impact.



Todd Kolber

Chief Revenue Officer

About Todd

Todd Kolber, Chief Revenue Officer, has a passion for Supply Chain. For the past 20 years, Todd has worked to help companies, small and large, achieve optimal business results by deploying and optimizing warehouse, transportation, distribution solutions, inventory planning, and optimization solutions.

Todd has held Sales Leadership positions with Just Enough Software, PlanningEdge, Catalyst International, Logistics.com, and others. Having spent the first eight years of his career in IT and technology consulting, Todd has an excellent mix of technical and operational skills. Todd holds a Business and Finance degree from Indiana University and an M.B.A. Todd is married to his college sweetheart, Jennifer. They have four amazing children, and the entire family are Disney fanatics!


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