Longbow Advantage Partnerships

Our Ecosystem of Top-tier Partners

Longbow Advantage has created an ecosystem of top-tier partners to provide end-to-end solutions for our clients.

Ascension Logistics

With the help of our partners, Ascension Logistics delivers unparalleled service and software in Warehouse management systems (WMS), Labor Management Systems (LMS)/Workforce Management (WFM), Order Management Systems (OMS), and supporting technology.

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AutoScheduler is a WMS accelerator created to help orchestrate poorly coordinated facilities. It adds value by improving OTIF, managing inventory, and creating dynamic schedules that are feasible and change as conditions shift.

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Blu Jay Solutions

Go beyond improving efficiency, to harnessing the collective power of a collaborative network and data-driven insights. Wherever you’re at today, BluJay can help you get to the next level.

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Blue Yonder

Blue Yonder is the world leader in digital supply chain and omnichannel commerce fulfillment. Our intelligent, end-to-end platform enables retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers to seamlessly predict, pivot, and fulfill customer demand. With Blue Yonder, you can make more automated, profitable business decisions that deliver greater growth and re-imagined customer experiences.

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Cycle Labs

Cycle labs is no stranger to the world of warehouse management and enterprise software. They're intimately familiar with how grueling warehouse operations can be and know there's a better way to operate. Cycle Labs is a software and services company composed of innovators dedicated to modernizing enterprise solution deployment and lowering risk through world-class test automation.

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Körber’s Business Area Supply Chain has a broad range of best-in-class supply chain solutions to fit a company’s size, business strategy, and appetite for growth. A range that goes beyond software to include automation, voice, robotics, materials handling – plus the systems integration expertise to tie it all together.

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Mercury Gate

MercuryGate is the only full power, feature-rich transportation management system (TMS) that is singularly focused on strategic freight transportation management automation and has been for over two decades. The result is the best-of-breed transportation management platform that enables logistics experts to execute efficiencies previously unattainable and empowers relative newcomers to perform at expert levels they could not otherwise achieve.

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With over 100 years experience across the team, we have an established reputation for our in-depth expertise within the supply chain utilising Blue Yonder products. Offering a range of bespoke services, ModernLogic offers your business the ability to perform knowing you and your team are in safe hands.

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SAP’s cloud ERP solutions, powered by technologies like the Internet of Things, Big Data, and more, make a real impact on the world. SAP helps companies revolutionize everything from cancer treatments to flood prevention. Investing in research that can save lives, and passionate about sustainability and social responsibility.

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SmartBOL® is developed by ADi Data International Inc – a New Jersey Corporation with offices located in Piscataway, New Jersey. ADi develops and sells SmartBOL® shipping software products and solutions. SmartBOL® products and solutions are used by truck load (TL) and less than truckload (LTL) shippers, freight carriers, third party logistics (3PL) companies and freight brokers.

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Tryon Solutions

Tryon Solutions provides professional services and software solutions for Blue Yonder supply chain applications. Tryon Solutions has extensive experience with end-to-end implementations, upgrades and optimization services for Warehouse Management Systems and associated solutions, such as Transportation Management Systems, Workforce Management, parcel, automation and other logistics execution software applications.

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Tecsys solutions and services create clarity out of operational complexity with end-to-end supply chain visibility. Our customers reduce operating costs, improve customer service, and uncover optimization opportunities. Tecsys believes that visionary organizations should have the opportunity to thrive. And they should not have to sacrifice their core values and principles as they grow. Their approach to supply chain transformation enables growing organizations to realize their aspirations.

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