Improving the Employee Experience in the Warehouse


How Real-time Warehouse Visibility
Can Help Companies Make the Most of their Labor

Supply chains around the world are struggling to keep up with the growing demand. The world is running out of everything from chips to people. This drastic fall in the availability of resources is triggering a global shortage in times when demand is reaching record highs. As the economy opens and businesses resume operations, everybody is running low on everything. Supply chains are struggling to find new ways to meet supply and demand.

In this post, we are going to explore how real-time visibility can be applied in a warehouse to increase labor performance and productivity. The most successful warehouse teams leverage real-time visibility to proactively manage teams, track trends in productivity, and increase employee engagement. Real-time visibility into metrics helps managers manage better while also enabling workers to work smarter.

3 Ways to Hire, Nurture, and Retain Talent

The life cycle of any warehouse employee can be broadly categorized into – Hiring, Nurturing, and Retention. Companies can leverage different components of real-time labor visibility to specifically target different aspects of their employee journey based on their needs, helping them make the most of their people –

  • Finding the right people:  Even though most roles in a warehouse setting require no prior experience, there is still merit in recruiting a specialized workforce to help improve performance. Hiring based on specific tasks can help improve productivity while also allowing experienced workers to train and teach newer members. The Rebus Intelligent Labor platform lets teams measure, monitor, and track both historical and real-time trends in productivity and performance to help highlight strengths but also identify bottlenecks in processes. This allows managers to proactively assign work through the day to maximize productivity while also identifying areas where experienced workers can have the most impact. Rebus helps teams find the right people for the right role by hiring based on trends.
  • Nurturing top talent:  Nobody is perfect. Even the best employees need help, patience, and some form of coaching from management to perform better. Warehouse workers are no exception. Managers need access to real-time data to identify the employees that need the additional help, track their performance in real-time, and measure their progress.
    • The Rebus Intelligent Labor platform lets managers drill down to a specific employee to understand trends in their performance. Managers can build individual training plans based on actual employee performance and proactively coach them while they are working. Not only are engaged employees less likely to leave their job, but they are also more productive.   
  • Retaining the best:  Never underestimate the value of a well-trained employee. The best way to retain top labor talent is by developing programs that help them feel challenged and incentivize them to perform better. With Real-time warehouse visibility, managers have the tools needed to build programs such as a pay-for-performance program that rewards employees for higher productivity, especially during peaks and spikes.
    • The Rebus Intelligent labor solution can help companies retain high performers. When Conn’s HomePlus installed Rebus, they were able to institute a pay-for-performance program that saw their labor productivity increase by 9% in just a few months. With Rebus, it becomes easy for managers to build such programs that help them manage volume and labor better. 

The possibilities with real-time visibility, and Rebus specifically are endless. Rebus provides teams with the tools they need to succeed regardless of their end goal. The insights from the platform can be applied to increasing performance and productivity but also be used to improve engagement, foster a culture of continuous improvement, end manual reporting, increase collaboration and so much more. Real-time visibility is changing the way companies manage people enabling a smarter workforce. The future of labor is intelligent.

By: Siddhant Nagpal


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