Rebus Data Services Implemented into Canada’s Leading Third-Party Healthcare Service Provider


As a Leading Supply Chain Consulting Company and Pioneer of Data Services, Longbow Continues to Implement Rebus into Top Tier Companies. Data services offer companies a technology to use the same data set repeatedly to deliver multiple value streams specific to their business needs.

About Accuristix

Accuristix, Canada’s leading third-party healthcare service provider, focused on delivering logistics solutions to the healthcare industry. From customer service, order fulfillment, and financial services to warehousing and transportation management, Accuristix works in partnership with their clients as a seamless extension of their business to manage and distribute products to their customers. Accuristix also works in tandem with Health Canada guidelines and with manufacture partners to provide a customized supply chain solution to keep their system running smoothly.

The Daily Challenges

The Director of Operations and Continuous Improvement, Ryan Donoghue, works with his team who focuses on identifying where Accuristix can either do more with the same, or the same with less. Their goal is to incorporate anything between reporting and analytics. Donoghue’s challenges were happening daily. His labor force was underutilized, he was receiving delayed reports, he had an unscalable system, and he had six different WMS’s for one network – just to name a few. Due to the repeat occurrences of these problems and unnecessary headaches, Accuristix reached out to Longbow for help. Their solution, Rebus Data Services.

The Supply Chain Software, with Real-Time Views

Rebus Data Services software produces dashboards that provide overarching access for Accuristix as a whole. These dashboards offer them views into each specific warehouse that provides an end-to-end snapshot of operations. Rebus allows for viewing real-time data of the target total order volume while looking at different areas such as packing, shipping, receiving, and inventory. The dashboards are displayed on screens on the work floor to provide the workforce, supervisors, and executive team with standardized insights into precisely what that day and even that week will look like.

“If I don’t have a widget to get what I need, we can build it in a matter of hours and share it with the whole company and everybody has that report – for whatever information you need. The whole network can view it and use it.”

– Ryan Donoghue, Director of Operations and Continuous Improvement, Accuristix

Rebus is such a success that Accuristix began to use it outside of their warehouses and created accounts for their accounting department and customers. They are benefiting from Rebus by using it for billing accuracy!

By: Stephanie Alvarado

Download the Case Study to learn how Rebus Data Services helped Accuristx!


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