Rebus Optimizes Supply Chain with MongoDB and Google Cloud


Committed to Providing Real-time Visibility 

Longbow Advantage helps clients improve their supply chains through intelligent labor management and warehouse visibility, through its flagship product, Rebus, CEO Alex Wakefield and Founder and Chief Innovator Gerry Brady spoke with MongoDB about how Rebus helps customers meet the challenges of today’s fast-moving markets.

The Challenge:

Companies want real-time visibility — but are trying to get there with spreadsheets

Each day, millions of shipments move through multiple warehouses across the US. This data volume requires real-time visibility and reporting to analyze. Longbow needed a database that could handle the massive amounts of data that it collects each week.

Despite significant improvements in the distribution process, many companies still lack visibility into their warehouses. This is typically due to the complexity of the data sets involved in running a warehouse operation.

With the need to enable real-time warehouse visibility and reporting at the heart of Rebus, and Longbow knew it could not rely on monolithic, time-consuming spreadsheets to do so. It became clear that the document database model was a good match and would allow Rebus to gather, store, and build visibility into disparate data in near real-time. Longbow then needed to find the right document database partner.

One of the employees at Longbow Advantage suggested using MongoDB as the datastore for Rebus.


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