Data Services Demoed at Supply Chain Conference – MODEX 2020


Longbow Exhibits Rebus Data Services

Longbow Advantage exhibited at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia. This year, over 800 companies exhibited at MODEX to meet with individuals who are facing challenges in their industry to discuss possible technological solutions and attend speaking sessions from brilliant thought leaders.

Companies like Longbow, exhibit their SaaS solutions while other companies showcase their manufacturing or robotic technologies that solve for a variety of supply chain management challenges.


Rebus, A Full Stack Supply Chain Software

At our booth, we exhibited our revolutionary full-stack supply chain software, Rebus© Data Services. Rebus is a hosted SaaS solution that pulls data from an organization’s Supply Chain Execution System, harmonizes it, and delivers actionable insights into the real-time workings of the most complex distribution environments.

With dozens of analytics tools on the market, what makes Rebus© different? Rebus© was built by the logistics professionals of Longbow and was designed with logistics professionals in mind. We created a solution that not only aggregates data but also leverages supply chain expertise to provide the most critical insights across supply chain data.

During the MODEX 2020, we provided live demos of how Rebus works! By connecting all current Supply Chain Software Systems to Rebus, it can start spotting trends, anomalies, and more from data already owned. With dozens of pre-made widgets, Rebus© can start tracking some of the highest priority items across a variety of industries right out-of-the-box. If you don’t see what you need, you can build custom widgets to track additional KPIs. Businesses can start to maximize the efficiency and profitability of operations by using the new-found insights Rebus provides!

Longbow’s CEO Thought-Leader

Longbow Advantage’s CEO, Alex Wakefield, took the stage on Day 1 of MODEX. He presented on “Navigating Data with Disruptive Technologies to Analyze, Cleanse, and Fix the Way Your Company Consumes Data.” During this presentation, attendees learned:

  • To interact with data more pragmatically
  • To successfully approach cleaning data
  • Gain insight on how your supply chain data can be reviewed and analyzed in real-time
  • Discover ways to create multiple value streams, quickly, from your supply chain data

On Day 2, Alex spoke at BlueYonder’s booth on “Optimizing BlueYonder WMS with Effective Data Management.” During this presentation, attendees took away:

  • How rebus can complement the BlueYonder WMS y providing live, real-time visibility to data
  • Insights on how other BlueYonder clients are leveraging Rebus to help cleanse their data and optimize the performance of WMS
  • Case Studies of how Rebus is streamlining the process around wave planning, inbound / outbound management, and inventory visibility by providing clients with real-time data

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