Honored to Have Attended Supply Chain Next


Longbow is a Proud Sponsor of a WBR Event

Longbow Advantage was a proud sponsor of the WBR Event, Supply Chain Next, held in Chicago, IL, on November 11th and 12th. The conference brought together supply chain and technology executives to guide them through investing and deploying new technologies.  


As a data services software company and technology partner with deep expertise in supply chain networks and the technologies that run them, Longbow Advantage was excited about the conference. Being well known for helping companies extract tremendous value from their supply chain data in new and previously inaccessible ways, Longbow was more than happy to join others in discussions on industry’s challenges and how to solve them. 

CEO, Alex Wakefield, represented Longbow and was the chairperson for Day 1. Wakefield led discussions on significant challenges concerning supply chain operations and highlighting a key topic, Navigating Data and Successfully being able to Analyze, Cleanse, and Manage it. 

Wakefield also presented with Pactiv’s Senior Director, Integrated Business Partner, Rick Lack. The pair shared insights to Navigating Data with Disruptive Technologies to Analyze, Cleanse, and Manage Your Data in Real-Time to Dramatically Improve Distribution Operations. 

“Alex and Rick were able to captivate the audience while sharing valuable information on common industry challenges. When they shared the benefits that Pactiv received from Rebus’s Full-Stack capabilities, you could hear the audience in disbelief that such a tool like Rebus exists.”

– Michael Pinzl, Sales Director, Longbow Advantage


Presenting Rebus© Data Services

As a technology partner that provides dependable warehouse, labor, and transportation management implementations and integrations, Longbow showcased its pioneering Data Services Software, Rebus©.   

Rebus© Data Services is a cloud-based SaaS solution developed for logistics professionals to offer insights that generic BI solutions are not architected to deliver. Rebus© pulls data from any supply chain execution system, harmonizes it, and delivers analytics, optimization insights, and other data-driven value streams, providing complete real-time visibility into your distribution operations.      

Also, in attendance to represent Longbow, was Tim Betz. Betz, VP and General Manager for Rebus© Data Services led a roundtable discussion. Betz’s passion for optimizing and improving customers’ operations through technology and process improvement, along with his desire to support customers, made him the ideal person to lead the roundtable discussion. Betz conducted the discussion on “Enterprise BI – Is there a one size fits all solution, and should you be trying to find you?” 




“Tim has such a passion for supply chain technologies. His expertise was not only valuable for those in attendance but was necessary for anyone struggling with generic BI Solutions.”

– Todd Kolber, Sr. Sales Director, Longbow Advantage

With great success, Longbow will be sponsoring Supply Chain Next 2020.


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