Tomorrow’s Warehouse: Eliminate Operational Gaps and Create Visibility from the Warehouse Out

May 25, 2021

What every supply chain executive needs to know: how leading companies are leveraging software across their warehousing campus for a competitive advantage. 

In ordinary times, supply chains are fraught with complexities and have had an ongoing battle to improve efficiency. In post-pandemic times, warehouse operations strive to keep up with growing demands, labor issues and a myriad of additional constraints. Exacerbating today’s new challenges, conflicts still exist due to silos across most distribution operations, and a lack of significant change in traditional warehouse management systems (WMSs) have led to “gaps at the seams” across warehouse operations. 

In this Webinar, you will learn how to:

    • Formulate a plan to take your warehouse operations into the future by understanding how successful distribution executives are evolving to a warehouse-first model for visibility and operational effectiveness.
    • Turbocharge operations by understanding the current and future state of your warehouse using in-gate visibility, digital twin technology, and prescriptive analytics.
    • Proactively prevent disruptions and coordinate activities across your entire distribution team (think seamless baton handoff in a relay or a conductor synchronizing all of the musicians in an orchestra).
    • How to run a tighter, more resilient operation if you are responsible for improving KPIs/customer satisfaction or reducing costs in your warehouse operations.

Featuring: Alex Wakefield, CEO, Longbow & Keith Moore, Chief Product Officer, AutoScheduler.AI & Jason Stegent, President & Founder, Elastic Solutions

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