Designed to Get Smarter over Time
The Future of Labor Management Is Clever and Agile

  • Avoid costly, inefficient implementations and upgrades.
  • Own a solution that teams will actually use now and that will get even smarter over time.
  • Close productivity gaps with performance and utilization insights.
  • Increase adoption with an LMS that doesn’t turn into shelf-ware.

We simplify labor management by using an easy-to-maintain configuration and update.

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Rebus Intelligent Labor created a consistent way for a consumer goods retailer to measure performance and utilization across sites and users. Rebus was implemented across 10 sites in 3 months and integrated into a new WMS in 6 weeks, with a UAT of less than 4 hours.

A labor management system that's actually easy to implement and even easier to use.
The only LMS that can be maintained and updated without complex projects and significant costs.

For a leading global beverage manufacturer, Rebus Intelligent Labor reduced costs by removing the need for expensive onsite engineers to use and maintain a labor management system by replacing the legacy system in 6 DCs. With cost savings justifying the implementation and deployment of 24 additional sites, they had a total of 31 sites live at the end of 9 months.

With labor visibility into 9 DCs on one dashboard, executives at Accuristix can divert their energy into managing resources in a specific area to alter the needs that drive overall efficiency. Accuristix has benefited from Rebus Intelligent Labor with a 21% cost-to-serve improvement and an annualized savings of 9% on labor just after six months of implementation. 

A solution that leverages historical data to create smarter labor performance tracking across the life of the system.

Rebus Intelligent Labor features interactive Views that give you performance insight from the enterprise level down to individual employee tasks. Once we’ve set up activity goals, users, and shifts, Rebus Intelligent Labor pulls in real-time WMS data. With a single click, you can drill-down into metrics and pinpoint measured versus unmeasured work issues – and then take steps to optimize labor utilization and productivity. Reporting that’s easy to understand, validating, and sharing performance metrics is just as convenient.

Not everyone needs the same insights. Role-based analysis anticipates varying transaction summary requirements across the organization. Executives can make enterprise-level decisions based on aggregated data; supervisors can detect and correct process inefficiencies, managers can determine training deficiencies – and recognize star performers, too!

Multi-Variable vs. Discrete Standards

Rebus© Intelligent Labor supports multi-variable engineered standards. You can get as complex as you wish when setting up an activity. Use variables such as product class, number of order lines, weight thresholds, and from/to destination identifiers to allow for a precise goal time. Using our advanced activity mapping tool, these attributes are easy to set up and maintain over time.

We avoid using discrete standards with XYZ travel time as our customers have told us that these are often difficult to maintain, and you generally need an industrial engineer(s) on staff to keep your standards up to date.

We provide a perfect blend of precision, flexibility, and simplicity by letting our customers use attributes that are already being captured in their WMS to configure activities with and report against. Have a custom field you want to include? That’s no problem for Rebus Intelligent Labor.  

Get the productivity and performance accuracy you are looking for without overcomplicating the solution.

  • 6-8 week, not 6-month, implementation
  • Instant access to years of detailed productivity data
  • Forecast labor utilization with confidence
  • Reassign workforce based on performance
rebus labor management dashboard and widgets

Better Utilize Workforce, Improve Data Accuracy, and Eliminate Reporting Issues

Having high demand and tight timelines for shipping the right parts from the right distribution center put a lot of pressure on Subaru's warehouse management and labor management systems. View our case study to learn how Rebus helped optimize warehouse operations for Subaru to improve your operations!

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