Rebus® Global Inventory Management

Improved Fulfillment that
Safeguards Your Brand

Rebus® Global Inventory Management provides protection from massive financial risk with improved inventory fulfillment and traceability. With the push of a button, update inventory statuses and create status changes across your entire distribution network – anywhere, anytime.

"Before Rebus, each one of these pieces would have to be an individual lookup by an employee. Now it is an immediate glance to what is left for the day, along with what is left to release, updating every 2 minutes.”

- Erin Mitchell, Head of North American Warehousing, Kraft Heinz

About Rebus® Global Inventory Management

Rebus helps make the most of your inventory. It aggregates data across sites, WMS systems, nomenclatures, and products lines to provide a complete snapshot of your inventory in real-time. Teams have access to inventory by status in real-time and can manage their processes, people, and products to ensure they are maximizing fulfillment

Rebus helps teams even when things don’t go according to plan. Warehouses need total visibility to ensure product is flowing smoothly through the supply chain, but need traceability for when it isn’t. Be able to drill down to a specific batch and know exactly where in the supply chain it is. Move away from manual tracking and spreadsheets to total control in real-time. 

Rebus provides teams with a magic wand. Easily change the status of inventory and have it updated across all systems while creating a real-time feedback loop to ensure that all data across WMS systems and ERPs are consistent. This streamlined quality assurance process reduces risk, time, and wasted inventory.

With Rebus, You Can...

Create real-time visibility operations and avoid 10-30% increased labor costs and disrupted shipments during WMS go live.

Savings of $100k+ by easily implementing Intelligent Labor at multiple sites at once and realizing benefits immediately.

Improve cost to service customers by 15 – 20% through better labor optimizations.

Real-time inventory status accuracy in the WMS significantly decreases risk and increases productivity across the warehouse.

Intelligent Labor means no complex projects due to outdated setups, making it 90% more cost-effective than the other labor technologies that haven’t changed in decades.

Accomplish visibility goals in weeks as compared to months or years with current solutions that aren’t purpose-built for the warehouse.

Rebus enables customers to transform their warehouse effectiveness with real-time visibility into operations that previously were only available when it was too late to take action (hours later or the next day).

Reduce, or eliminate 25%-100% of overtime in the warehouse with real-time visibility into costs as they happen.

Get Visibility into Your Supply Chain​

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