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New VP & Managing Director

Longbow Advantage is announcing Marc van Welsen as their new VP and Managing Director for their international expansion. Marc will be focusing on building the European market for Longbow, with imminent opportunities in the Asia Pacific, the Middle East, and Latin America.   

Marc started his supply chain journey in the WMS space with a software company called LIS, based in the UK. In 1995, he moved to the US to help open LIS offices in Charlotte, North Carolina, and launch Dispatcher WMS to the American market. 

RedPrairie acquired LIS in 2005 after Marc helped grow the company signficantly. RedPrairie turned into JDA, and in 2013 Marc left the company to become the CEO of TRYON Solutions, where he grew the company by 6X, introduced software development, and built a strong partnership with Longbow. 

Longbow’s Chief Innovator and Founder, Gerry Brady, built a robust relationship with Marc, dating back more than ten years. Early in 2019, Marc decided to leave Tryson, and Longbow jumped at the opportunity to bring him on board.  

Marc has over twenty-five years in the global WMS space with experience leading professional services, support, and account management. With these skills, Marc has the perfect background to take Longbow into this new chapter of their journey going international.  

« I have long held the people and the Longbow organization in very high esteem. I am thrilled to play a part in growing the business and doing great things for our customers. Developing international markets will be interesting, challenging, and should also provide opportunities and experiences for many of the Longbow team. »- Marc van Welsen  


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