Rebus Data Services – Know, Now.

Your data is not a commodity. It's a highly valuable asset specific to your business. Most companies treat data like it’s all the same. Enterprise BI solutions don’t understand your objectives and processes, so your project stalls. Legacy supply chain software solutions manage data with legacy technology, so reports are static and slow. Both approaches lead to the same result – your already overburdened warehouse and transportation operations generate their reporting and analytics manually, making decisions based on, at best, yesterday’s data.

supply chain data management

The Supply Chain Software Empowering You to Create Previously Unimagined Value Streams from Your Wms Data

  • Instant visibility into what’s going on in your distribution network and workforce
  • System-agnostic integration to any warehouse, labor and transportation management software
  • Eliminate manual efforts of analyzing distribution data through multiple, rogue spreadsheets

Rebus Pricing

Our pricing model is simple. You pay a fixed fee for the set-up and the annual subscription for Rebus, offered as a SaaS solution accessed through your favorite browser.

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