Systems Support - Manage Risk Better

Our Systems Support Services are designed to help you manage risk – to your operations and your customers.

Getting a Response Shouldn’t Be a Challenge

When you call for support, you need to connect with someone who knows how to solve your problem and can get you back up and running fast – not be forced to navigate a call center or exchange emails. Connect with our Experts to get the support you need to keep operations running smoothley, even in the most unpredictable times. 

Longbow is well known for its responsive team and “get it done” attitude. We bring that tradition and philosophy to our System Support Services. That’s why we’re able to offer a 30-minute response time guarantee, 24/7 assistance, and get the turnaround you not only want but need.

Our Systems Support services include regular business and system reviews where we discuss the support we’ve provided and address any open issues. The goal is to make sure that the services we’ve provided are continuing to deliver value, find ways to further improve system performance and maximize your ROI.

Support is Not Just for Emergencies

Many of our customers have extensive IT and operations capabilities in-house. Our Systems Support team is staffed with people who can take on remarkably complex development projects or modifications that your team needs help with when your resources are stretched thin.

Support Services includes customized, experiential training for every employee, regardless of company size and number of people you need educated. We’ve delivered a lot of training and know that the best way to learn is through experience. Whether we’re training supervisors, management, operations personnel or users on the floor, we customize training based on your operating procedures.

Systems Support includes:

  • Client support center
  • Business reviews
  • System reviews
  • Education and training

Better Utilize Workforce, Improve Data Accuracy, and Eliminate Reporting Issues

Having high demand and tight timelines for shipping the right parts from the right distribution center put a lot of pressure on Subaru’s warehouse management and labor management systems. View our case study to learn how Rebus helped optimize warehouse operations for Subaru to improve your operations!

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